Verification and validation of our performance.

This section of our report shows how our performance is verified and how our own internal audit process is perceived by the outside world.

ESG Management Premium

We think it’s important that, not only do we tell our own story, but that others also comment on our abilities. We use this information to inform the Group CSR Committee of material gaps on a quarterly basis. We call this collective basket of measures our Management Premium Index. It is made up of different stakeholders’ views of our business.

The long-term trend in performance below shows the performance trends of all of these indices for the past three years.

ESG Management Premium Index (line graph)

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We also think that it’s important that the feedback we get is not interpreted, but is simply shared for you as a stakeholder – so you can form your own opinion of our business.

The key external performance reviewers for 2011

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Legal & General Group Plc scored 71% in 2011 up from 70% in 2010. This is a 1% increase. The Sector Leader scored 80% up from 79% in 2010. For 2012 we have to show improvements in product inclusivity.

Business in the Community (BITC) Corporate Responsibility Index 2011

We became "Best in Sector" for our Corporate Responsibility Performance in 2011 and are rated at Platinum.

Download our latest (Download PDF:) BITC Rankings (PDF) 1.9 MB

SIGWatch Reputational Index

Because of our increased ownership of business globally, we need to monitor our reputation with NGOs. SIGWatch measures NGO criticism of your brand in a scoring system that factors the relative influence of NGOs, their negativity (or praise where appropriate), and the prominence of your brand in their comments.

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NGO Issues Raised with Legal & General




Fair Pensions
Got Oil Campaign


Animals in biomedical research
Fair pensions living wage campaign

In 2012 we are committing to better support NGO discussions as part of our CSR strategy to recognise the important roles they play in highlighting issues and inequalities. 

FTSE 4 Good

Legal & General Group was rated at a score of 94% up from 93% in 2010 for its ESG Governance.


We are held as an Ethical Stock.


2011 was the first year that we reported our performance against the UNPRI Principles.

Employee views

We use our staff survey to measure key metrics around whether they think they work for an ethical employer. This is important because it means that, when they are delivering services to our customers, they feel that the organisation behind them makes the right decisions.

We also take feedback from organisations like the Times 25 Best Companies to work for and our employee survey.

You can find these details in Our People

Give us your feedback
We are always keen to hear from you if you think there are areas of performance, or organisations, which we should be benchmarked against externally. If you have any ideas, send an email to:

Graham Precey

Head of CSR
Legal & General Group Plc


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