Internal Audit verification statement.

Legal & General’s Group Internal Audit team has produced the following statement relating to the reporting on this microsite. We choose to remain internally audited rather than externally audited, as we believe that the analyst reports above hold us to account for our performance. Group Internal Audit has provided independent verification of the Report as noted below.

Internal Audit Statement


The Legal & General Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes sections on customer policies, our employees, the environment, our suppliers, community initiatives and socially responsible investment.

Where relevant, details have been included of how Legal & General America, Legal & General Netherlands and Legal & General France address these areas, as well as selected data on our other overseas operations.


The objective of this verification is to express an opinion on:

  • The reliability of the processes used by Legal & General to identify, collect and report data and supplementary information included within the Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
  • The accuracy of data included in the Report.


Group Internal Audit has applied a methodology consistent with best audit practice in undertaking this verification procedure. Our review comprised:

  • Interviews with senior management within Legal & General;
  • Evaluation of the processes in place to report qualitative data;
  • Review and verification of data, including reference to supporting documentation where appropriate;
  • Review of the final content of the Report to assess consistency with the overall findings of our work.

Reliance was placed on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification of certain systems within Legal & General, where appropriate.


On the basis of the work performed, we have reached the following conclusions:

  • Appropriate management systems have been put in place to capture and consolidate Corporate Social Responsibility performance information related to Legal & General′s Groupwide activities.
  • Quantitative data is stated accurately within the Report, and the rationale for using estimated figures is recorded where relevant.

John Adlam
Group Chief Internal Auditor
Legal & General Group Plc
One Coleman Street
London EC2R 5AA

30 July 2012


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