The role of fixed income in creating change.

In 2011 we continued to highlight the positive role that fixed income investors can play in financing about change for UK infrastructure. We believe non-banking finance can play a key role in investing in the UK economy. We believe that, like shareholders, fixed income investors can have a positive effect on the behaviour of companies, for example through wider investment in green or climate bonds.

The 2011 Eurozone crisis demonstrated the power of fixed income markets to determine the cost and availability of funding for governments.

"Weak bond sale tests Germany's stature in crisis", New York Times, 23 November 2011

The scale of fixed income markets makes them a clear alternative to stretched government finances to fund specific infrastructure projects.

Here are some reactions to our campaigns so far:

What does good insurance regulation look like? (PDF) 600 KB

Through ClimateWise we have been working collaboratively with our industry peers to lobby and influence the UK, European and global agendas. We have created a fixed income collaboration among major investors to highlight the positive role that we can have in creating infrastructure assets that support a green economy. In the UK this could mean investing in appropriate bonds issued under the aegis of the proposed Green Investment Bank.

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