Our approach to Lobbying.

Legal & General operates in a highly regulated market. We and our customers are susceptible to the risks and challenges posed by changes in policy, regulation or tax. We therefore work closely with those involved in formulating public policy - in the UK and increasingly in the EU - in areas relevant to our business, and seek to provide leadership on broader societal and policy issues where we have particular expertise. These range from investment issues to changes in pension policy, issues arising from increased longevity and related healthcare demands.

At the same time, we recognise the increasing pressure from organisations like Lobbying Transparency to be more transparent on lobbying activities, and operate according to a clear set of principles.

Our Lobbying Principles

When approaching public policy work or lobbying we have a set of principles by which we engage.

  • We make no political donations
  • We are politically neutral, working equally with all parties, officials and other policy organisations
  • We will work either collaboratively through trade bodies, or on our own
  • We aim to deliver evidence-based, practical proposals for consideration by policy-makers
  • We aim to be experts and thought-leaders: we are an organisation rich in expertise which we are willing to share with those responsible for formulating public policy
  • We are focused on delivering positive outcomes for customers, investment markets, the broader economy and society.

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