Policies and standards.

Our Groupwide policies have been set out below to highlight our commitment to specific standards you can expect from doing business with Legal & General. These policies are regularly updated as issues, regulations and expectations change by the relevant specialist committee with Legal & General.

Ethics Policy (Incorporating Human Rights & Bribery and Corruption) (PDF) 40 KB

LGIM Corporate Governance Policy (PDF) 1.3 MB

SRI Responsible Property Investment Policy (PDF) 210 KB

(Download PDF:) Environmental Policy (PDF) 35 KB

(Download PDF:) Health and Safety Policy (PDF) 37 KB

Sustainable Procurement Policy

(Download PDF:) Third Sector Investment Policy (PDF) 29 KB

Customer Commitment Policy

(Download PDF:) Financial Crime and Whistleblowing Policy (PDF) 36 KB

(Download PDF:) New Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy (PDF) 389 KB

(Download PDF:) Lobbying Policy (PDF) 27 KB


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