Innovation: The Gelder Group.

We worked with the Merlin Loss Adjuster network contractor to start a waste management project with a company called the Gelder Group. Gelder is a construction company based in Lincolnshire and shares Legal & General’s commitment to the environment.

The project, which began on 1st March 2011, puts us in the unique position of being able to identify and track the waste we produce on each claim they handle for us.

The work will need to run for a minimum of one year to give us sufficient data and extrapolation capabilities. Since we started however, the framework, metrics and process Gelder has developed have helped us agree common waste metrics for the wider project.

Gelder has provided us with a unique case study opportunity. It has also supported our discussions with other suppliers and helped us show them our expectations are both realistic and achievable.

Results so far

Early statistics show that a proactive waste management culture and framework could ensure that 87% of waste material produced is recycled. The company has gone on to develop the process and is now recycling 100% of the material produced. Legal & General recognise this is a best-in-class performance, which we’re keen to replicate. We’re working with other suppliers to explore how this can be done.

This work has provided a benchmark for comparison for Merlin, when it engages with the wider building network.


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