Business-driven campaigns.

We’ve continued to campaign on relevant issues in different procurement teams across the business in 2011. One major project we’ve been working on is reducing the waste materials sent to landfill as a result of work in our policyholder’s homes. When someone’s home floods or is damaged, not only do they want everything put back as it was, they want to see us clear up effectively.

Waste reduction for our General Insurance (GI) customers

We know that waste management arising from our general insurance building and repair services is a significant environmental issue. It’s also an environmental impact policyholders can see. We’re committed to cutting the level of waste that goes to landfill and are looking for opportunities to reduce, re-use and recycle.

This project was launched in 2009 with a supplier workshop dedicated to raising the profile of waste management and identifying opportunities for improvement. In 2010, we continued to engage with all suppliers involved in building repair/restoration, concentrating on those that have the highest level of impact ie glazing, drainage, restoration and building repair services.

Our understanding of ‘waste’ and the complexity of delivering this change has improved significantly over this period.

Key challenges

  • Supply chain contractors vary in size and therefore in awareness, knowledge resource, technology and ability to deliver change.
  • There’s no consistent standard or approach to waste management.
  • Different receptacles are used to collect waste and there is no uniform approach to measurement and how well the organisation handling the waste identifies what it contains.

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