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The Board of Legal & General Group Plc determines membership of this Committee. To ensure compliance with the principles of good corporate governance, the membership of this Committee is as follows:

T J Breedon – Group Chief Executive (Chair)

J Godfrey – Director of Corporate Communications.

G Hoskin – International CEO.

E MacLean – Group HR Director.

N Manns – Unite National Officer.

G Precey – Head of CSR.

M Zinkula – Chief Executive, LGIM.

P Scott – Group Regulatory Risk & Compliance Director

A Wolny – Group Procurement Director

Further attendance upon invitation.


The Assistant Company Secretary, or nominated deputy, shall act as secretary to the Committee.


Meetings shall be held as required but will normally meet at least three times a year.


Minutes of the meetings of the Committee shall be provided to the Board of Legal &General Group Plc.


The responsibilities of the Committee shall be:

To develop and review the Group CSR strategy and policies in relation to Group-wide ESG Risks and opportunities.

To set and monitor public CSR targets.

To manage the Group stakeholder engagement process.

To monitor progress of the CSR sub-committees, including review of minutes.

To monitor results of external benchmarking surveys.

To ensure the CSR programme is communicated appropriately to internal and external stakeholders and in particular to review and approve the annual CSR report.

To approve the CSR report.

To oversee management of the CSR budget.

Scope of Authority

To provide direction and oversight for the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility ('CSR') programme. This includes strategic or policy aspects of CSR, major expenditure or budget aspects, reporting or communications issues of a strategic nature. The CSR Committee also takes note of work performed by the sub-committees.


The following committees are sub-committees of the CSR Committee

Group Environment Committee

Group Health & Safety Committee

Group Charity Committee

Group Ethics Committee

Group Equalities Committee

Sustainable Property Investment Committee


The Chairman of the Committee shall report to the Board on any significant issues or corrective actions.
The CSR strategy is presented to the Board on an annual basis giving our Chairman and non-executive directors the chance to engage with our CSR programme at least once a year on a formal basis.

The CSR Committee is responsible for monitoring and delivering against public targets.
The CSR Committee are responsible for setting the Guiding Principles for the Business and reporting back to the Chief Risk Officer for any implications to the Capital Risk Process.


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