How we help shape environmental policy.

We contribute to areas of policy and development that directly impact our business. In 2011 this included:

Long-term health and climate

We work with ClimateWise to link climate change and long-term health risks. In 2011 we were part of the programme led by Dr Paul Wilkinson, who leads the Environmental Epidemiology team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is a world expert on the health impacts of extreme weather and has been appointed to investigate whether extreme weather is making a noticeable impact on claims.

Fixed Income

Through ClimateWise, we’ve been working with our industry peers to lobby and influence the UK, European and global agendas. We’ve created a fixed income collaboration amongst major investors to highlight the positive role that we can have in creating infrastructure assets that support a green economy. Read about ClimateWise and fixed income


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