Supply Chain Commitments.

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We commit

Governed by

Area of Focus for 2012 – 2014

To ensure our ′key′ suppliers comply with our sustainable procurement policy at all times. To support suppliers who do not comply with our ‘CSR standards for suppliers’ to facilitate improvements.

Group CSR Committee

Work with our supply chain to ensure the financial resilience and sustainability of our suppliers. Undertake opportunity analysis and establish action plans per category of supply by end of Q1 2012. Implementation of category action plans with demonstrable results – end 2012

In 2012 Establish awareness amongst Legal & General Procurement Teams to the availability of products and services from the emerging Social Enterprise sector resulting in a defined policy, process required for integration into existing supply chain selection processes for the Group

In 2012 ensure that 100% of key suppliers are compliant with Legal & General’s CSR standards for suppliers.


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