Investor Commitments.

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We commit

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Area of Focus for 2012 – 2014

To promote responsible ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) business practices in the companies in which we invest to create long term value for investors.

Group CSR Committee

In 2012 – we will hold 300 ESG meetings with investee companies on a global basis, of which 25% will be covering environmental and/or social topics. This recognizes the value of repeated engagement we carry out with companies, the target has been changed from number of individual companies to number of meetings.

Our focus is to carry out meaningful dialogues that lead to positive changes for the long term shareholders

Work with Regulatory and Policy bodies to ensure that the UK Financial Services industry has the appropriate regulatory environment to allow both Insurance and Pension Fund assets to be invested in the long term growth of the UK economy

We commit to promote the sustainable management of our investment property portfolio, whatever our mandate, in the belief that enhanced investor returns will be delivered.

Sustainable Property Investment Committee

To promote positive social impact where LGP advocates significant development projects. In particular to assess the social and environmental impacts as part of the analysis of the viability of such schemes

As part of a three-year plan to 2013, in 2012 develop further building-by-building strategies for improved sustainability performance across the whole of the investment property portfolio.

In 2012 continue at the forefront of the property sector, developing thinking and promoting improved industry performance, leading by example as recognised by the Industry. To chair a leading Sustainability organisation and to contribute or publish articles in the property press.


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