Customer and Market Commitments.

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We commit

Governed by

Area of Focus for 2012 – 2014

To ensure customers do not receive inappropriate advice from our appointed representatives

Group Ethics Committee

In 2012 Reduce the number of customer complaints as a % of our customer base (0.56% complained in 2011 or 1 in 187 customers)

Group CSR Committee

In 2012 Develop a formal NGO engagement and monitoring process to help the Group to recognise the increasingly important role that Legal & General plays in the Global Economy through operating and through its investments.

To ensure policies and procedures are in place to protect customer information from Misuse or Financial Crime

As part of our UK Growth strategy and to support our 6 Groupwide Campaigns: Turn at least 5 innovative partnerships with Third Sector organisations into more socially inclusive products and / or adjustments to service Legal & General's customers by the end of 2013

To listening to and acting upon customer feedback about our products and services.

To making it easier for our customers to do business with us.

Develop a dialogue with all customers (individuals, intermediaries and institutions).

Build a strong social purpose and relevance to society with a focus on a broader demographic


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