Community Commitments.

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We commit

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Area of Focus for 2012 - 2014

Manage appropriate international CSR programmes to address the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risks and reputation in those marketplaces.

Group CSR Committee

In 2012 Following Private Benchmarking of Legal & General America, Netherlands and France by Business in the Community where a 30% average performance level was achieved we will a) improve our disclosure of these businesses in our yearly reporting cycle and b) improve BITC Ratings for these businesses in line with expected Group performance.

In 2012 Benchmark Joint Venture Companies using the BITC CR Index to establish their natural level of CSR performance.

To support the community as a whole, especially on grass roots issues where we feel we can make a difference in key programmes.
To partner with Third Sector organisations to campaign for the issues that matter to our markets and businesses. To support and encourage employee involvement in charitable giving, volunteering and in utilising the resources available to them.

Group Charity Committee

By 2013 create a "Gearing up for Work" programme which provides 200 people looking to access work with a chance to be given valuable mentoring and employment experience within Legal & General Group Plc.

In 2012 Continue to provide at least 1000 working Days of volunteering across the Group from our employees and business partners that also helps employees to evidence the "Taking a Wider Interest" behaviour.

Continue to Invest at least £2.5m into the Third Sector as a result of employees, business and community activities.


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