Supplier Commitments.

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We commit

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2011 Proposed External Targets

Performance Commentary and Forecast of Position as at 31/12/2011

RAG Status

To ensure our ′key′ suppliers comply with our sustainable procurement policy at all times. To support suppliers who do not comply with our ‘CSR standards for suppliers’ to facilitate improvements.

1. Group CSR Committee

Ensure that a 90% of key suppliers are compliant with Legal & General’s CSR standards for suppliers by December 2012.

Expansion of original group to include all ‘Key Suppliers’ (120 from 40) with proportional assessment made according to risk. 97% (40/41) of the original 'key suppliers' have been assessed and are compliant.


2. Group Environment Committee

Purchase paper with a recycled content or approved environmental credentials of 90% (by tonnage) by the end of 2011.

Target achieved: 90% of paper purchased in groupwide in 2011 complied with these standards. 97% compliance achieved in Q4



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