Environmental Commitments.

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We commit

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2011 Proposed External Targets

Performance Commentary and Position as of 01/07/2012

RAG Status

To reduce rather than offset our impact on the environment.

Group Environment Committee

Reduce total direct C02 emissions by 5% by 2012 and reduce total waste production by 10% by 2012.

Reduce total direct C02 emissions by 5% by 2012 and reduce total waste production by 10% by 2012.

Total direct UK CO2 (UKF offices (85%) and UK employee business travel (15%).

· 2009 = reduced 9.5% (6.2 % drop in office emissions).
· 2010 = reduced a further 5.6% (a further 4.7% drop in office emissions).
· 2011= office emissions down 17.4% on 2008 figures.

Overall UKF offices have reduced emissions from 16,306 tonnes of CO2 in 2008 to 12,494 tonnes CO2 in 2011/12 resulting in a 23% reduction.

Business mileage has decreased by 4% in 2011 (on 2010) and there has been an increase in rail use by 9%. There has also been a reduction in domestic and European air travel (decreased by a total of 1.7% on 2010), offset by an increase in long haul flying, which is up 28% since 2010.


The average CO2 rating for fleet vehicles is now 134 g/km.

Waste (UKF occupied offices).

At the start 2011, total waste was down 40% (compared to 2008) with landfill reduced by 51% (same period). IT and refurbishment waste has impacted on this target but the final 2011 figure shows a 36% reduction on 2008 levels.

To integrate environmental legislation across our business.

Integrate Environmental Carbon Data Disclosure into Public Reporting across the Group in line with Carbon Reduction Commitment regulations.

Carbon reduction Commitment disclosure now submitted to DECC. Internal Audit report on suitability and reliability of Groupwide provision of Data now completed (See October 2011 Group Environment Committee Minutes). Reporting cycles on Environmental data need to be aligned to CRC for 2012 rather than calendar years.



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