Employee Commitments.

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We commit

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2011 Proposed External Targets

Performance Commentary and Forecast of Position as at 31/12/2011

RAG Status

To work in close partnership with our recognised trades union Unite and Management Consultative Forum, when making key decisions.

Group Equalities Committee

As an Employer - monitor the trends on ethnicity and gender to ensure that the organisation is recruiting and retaining an appropriate diverse workforce.

An Equalities Scorecard is in place to monitor Ethnicity and Gender statistics and trends. This is updated half yearly and monitored through the Equalities Committee. We review benchmarking data from Opportunity Now and from the Working Families Survey 'Top Employers' to drive appropriate actions. The Lord Davies report has led to key actions being agreed to drive the female pipeline of talent as well as the Executives.


To adopt policies and practices which encourage an appropriate work/life balance.

For Employees - For the population of employees people with perceived or actual disabilities in our organisation, increase the positive response to 'reasonable adjustments' score from the current 76% rating in the 2010 employee survey.

In the employee survey, of the 3% of employees who disclosed they are currently affected by a disability or medical condition, 77% agreed that L&G is doing enough to support them (including making reasonable adjustments), a one percentage point increase on the response to the 2010 survey.


To apply open and fair processes in major decisions affecting recruitment, promotions, outsourcing and downsizing.

As an Employer - Provide a minimum 20 work placements for people with disabilities. This will provide opportunities for the community, learning for our employees and will help provide us with feedback as an employer on the way that we reasonably adjust

We delivered 46 workplacements across the business working with a wide variety of abilities led charities. We have had positive feedback from Whizz-kidz in particular. As well as providing people with a disability with the opportunity to get work experience, it has given us an opportunity to experience first hand the issues /barriers faced by line managers when remaking reasonable adjustments so that the we can make the process more effective and straightforward for the future.


To ensure our employees understand and implement correct ethical behaviours.

For employees who are working families - improve our Top 30 position in the "Top Employers for working families" Awards 2011.

We failed to make the Top 30 and met with Working Families to understand why. This was partly because the bar has been raised in the 12 months since the previous survey, as well as more companies with a proven track record in flexible working and family friend policies entering the survey for the first time. We have identified actions as a result of feedback from Working Families and Opportunity Now and consolidated these with actions in response to recommendations in the Lord Davies Report.

Did not Achieve

To promote and implement our company values.

To provide a flexible, supportive, healthy and safe working environment.


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