Customer Commitments.

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We commit

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2011 Proposed External Targets

End of Year Position

RAG Status

To help our customers improve their understanding of our products so they can decide which product is right for them.

Group Ethics Committee

Reduce the number of customer complaints as a % of our customer base (0.47% complained in 2010).

No. of UK customers: 6,854,062
No. of complaints: 38,604
Measure: 0.56% of the Customer Book complained in 2011. The number of complaints received include the number of mortgage endowment complaints and is predominantly linked to the Protection business, partly in PPI and related sales complaints and partly complaints generated from Whole of Life direct mailings.

Did not Achieve

To provide our customers with clear information so they can reassure themselves that the product they bought remains right for them throughout their relationship with us.

To listen to and act upon customer feedback about our products and services.

To making it easier for our customers to do business with us.


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