Performance management and behaviours.

We factor in two key elements in rewarding our employees:

  • their contribution to overall group objectives
  • how they do their job – Behaviours

We’ve introduced six behaviours linked to our brand – Every day Matters. These raise the standards of how we expect our employees to interact with our customers and each other every day.

Download our (Download PDF:) Behaviours booklet (PDF)1.3 MB

We feel it’s vital everyone understands how their efforts contribute to the bigger picture. We’ve given our employees what we call the Bigger Picture Tool.

At the beginning of 2011 we included the behaviours as a key measure of managers’ performance. Along with objectives, this helped determine the performance rating managers received at the end of 2011.

All employees will be introduced to behaviours this year, making performance management timing, process, measures and approach the same across the whole group.

The focus for 2012 is to:

  • improve understanding and demonstration of the behaviors
  • improve the quality of performance management conversations our managers have with employees

In 2011 we also introduced a new grading structure in the Group and UK businesses. This provides employees with increased transparency in terms of their grade and pay in relation to their individual performance.


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