Ongoing commitments.

We have a number of ongoing commitments to employees across the Group in the UK, Netherlands and France designed to make Legal & General a good place to work. These are some of the highlights.

UK partnership agreement with Unite

Our partnership with our union, Unite, remains solid with a third of our UK employees signed up as members.

We hold a Partnership Consultation Committee each month to inform and consult with Unite on high-level issues. We also consult regularly on all employee matters, including rewards and benefits, equalities, health and safety, CSR and the environment.

Campaigning and joint collaboration include:

  • Partnership month – events were held at our main sites to help raise awareness of our partnership agreement with Unite. Unite recruited 146 new members.
  • Equality and Diversity – Unite sits on the company’s Equalities and Diversity Committee and in 2011 proposed we become a member of Stonewall. We did so at the end of 2011 and have changed some of our employment policies as a result.

Management Consultative Forum (MCF)

The Management Consultative Forum represents senior and middle management across the business. It’s a key way to check and balance major decisions across the Group.

We hold an annual results briefing for employee representatives where the Finance Director or another senior manager takes Unite and other employee reps through the financials.

Comité d'entreprise in Legal & General France

This brings elected employees (including the ones representing unions) and general management together, to discuss employment and social issues within the company.


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