Ipswich - Suffolk Life CSR activities.

Environmental Day

In the last few years Suffolk Life staff have been given the opportunity to take a day away from the office and take part in a Environmental Day and in the Autumn of 2011, 59 Suffolk Life staff took part in Environmental Days assisting the RSPB at one of their idyllic local wildlife reserves.

There where 10 environmental days set up and In teams of 10 Suffolk Life staff assisted at various local locations from Wolves Wood, Snape, Boyton Marshes and the picturesque Flatford wildlife reserve undertaking a whole host of different tasks, from clearing brash, cutting down tress, branches and burning fires to name just a few of the tasks.

Everyone seems to enjoy working outside for the day, doing something totally different from their day to day roles with Suffolk Life.

The Environmental days have helped the RSPB prepare areas for wildlife, its given those that have taken part a real boost and as important its been great fun !.

Suffolk Life goes Dragonboat racing!

On the 25th September, 23 Suffolk Lifers took part in the Dragonboat race to raise money for St Elizabeth’s Hospice- the sun was out, everyone got very wet, and there were more than a few times when we almost all ended up in the water!! At the end of the day we were shattered, but we had also raised a total of just over £3,000- which was a terrific achievement, contributing a significant amount to the £20,000 raised on the day.


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