What we are doing.

Our approach has two strands:

  • prepare the next generation for the working environment before they enter it
  • support the current working generation when they are working.


We also have partnerships, which are helping us understand the way socially motivated finance is developing.

  • Maths teacher capabilities: 2011 has been our final year of support for the Kings College Maths in Schools programme. During the six years we have supported this programme it has helped 5,000 teachers to understand maths more thoroughly and has provided an important grounding in a subject we all need to understand for our financial future.
  • The Money Money Money programme has grown from its beginnings in 2008 into a movement which has educated 3,850 Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils, helping them understand their attitude to saving and the impact this could have on their future.
  • Community-based credit unions – We continue to fund credit union marketing campaigns in the South East. Since we began in 2008 we have helped them communicate with half a million hard-to-reach consumers.
  • Financial education for employers – 2011 saw more financial education being made available to employees who are saving through their employers in our Workplace Savings business. See more on Cash Family Challenges
  • Understanding alternative bank growth – In January 2012, Charles Middleton, MD of Triodos Bank in the UK, addressed senior managers in our business to explain why the bank has grown in the recession, while other traditional banks have not. This provided us with valuable insights into bank and building society distribution. See the Triodos Bank international results
  • Product Innovations – We’ve delivered a number of product innovations in 2011 to encourage people to save. These include:

Case Studies


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