Looking forward.

We’ll continue to follow our approach of education and influence. The lack of available money in the recession has reconfigured the way that consumers are accessing advice and finance. We feel that it’s better to be engaged with new, emerging experts than simply observing as an outsider. Therefore, in 2012, we are looking to:

Build our Money, Money, Money programme into a movement, which involves not only our business partners, but other national and international companies. EDF energy and Nippon Life have already expressed an interest. We‘ll continue to look for opportunities to get financial advisers and industry bodies involved too.

For 2012 we’re committed to continuing Money Money Money around our major UK locations for employees. We’re hoping that key business partners who have been involved in 2011, such as Scottish Widows, Allianz, Jelfs, Saga, Bluefin and BNY Mellon, will buy into this financially so that we can spread the movement to other places across the UK.

Do more work with credit unions – Changes to legislation will free credit unions to reach many more members, including community groups and businesses.

The new rules, effective from January 2012, will enable credit unions to compete more effectively with banks and other lenders by allowing them to:

  • provide services to community groups
  • attract investment from local businesses
  • extend services to new groups, including housing association tenants and employees.
  • pay interest on savings, instead of a dividend, so people will more easily be able to compare rates.

For 2012, we will be working with SurreySave as it works to offer a new low-cost, high-quality ethical financial service for everyone in Surrey.


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