Case Study: The money, money, money movement.

As part of this programme we’ve worked with nearly 3,850 Year 9, 10 and 11 students at schools close to our offices.


Volunteers from Legal & General and our businesses partners (Blufin, Jelfs SAGA) support the professional facilitator from Magnified Learning in the classroom, working with the students in small groups to help them start thinking about money in the real world.

Discussions include things like:

  • what might I expect to earn in my first job?
  • how much will I lose in deductions?
  • if I move out of home how much will it cost me?

We’ve gained a valuable insight into the attitudes of the next generation to money and savings. This helps us understand the implications for our marketplace, and how relevant our products are to potential future customers.


95% of pupils who’ve taken part agree that as a result of the day they now understand more about the financial demands they will face as adults, and recognise that it’s important to plan personal finances.

  • So far, the programme has involved:
  • 185 business volunteers
  • 3850 Year 9/10/11 pupils
  • over 100 teachers
  • 11 secondary schools in key Legal & General and partner company locations

Money, Money, Money has also produced some interesting research on the way Generation Y are thinking about their finances.

In response to the question ‘What would you/your parents/grandparents do with £50,000? ‘

  • 36% of students said they’d spend it all in one go!
  • 23% thought their parents would pay off their mortgage
  • 32% would like their grandparents to give it to them and their families!

This has provided some valuable information to help us with new products like Junior ISAs


“Managing money is tough and it’s best to plan ahead and always keep your options open“ Hastings student

“I think it was a great opportunity for the children to interact with unfamiliar adults. I feel the programme made them think of their future in a totally different way”
Cardiff volunteer

95% of volunteers would recommend this type of volunteering to colleagues, and linked the experience to their own professional development. They get a two-page independent feedback report from Magnified Learning on how they performed in the classroom that they can take to their performance review.

See our Money Money Money programme in action

Download the (Download PDF:) 2011 impact report  (PDF) 370 KB

Download the (Download PDF:) research report (PDF) 460 KB


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