As the economic climate continues to challenge all of us financially, more and more consumers are aware of the need to save – while having more calls on their income than ever.

As a financial services company we believe it’s part of our role to support a cross-generational savings culture and help people at the fringes of our traditional marketplace.

Our products are aimed at people who regularly save. But we also need to understand the attitudes of the next generation and guide them into adopting a prudent attitude to savings.

Our Savings Business provides investment and savings products that allow people to plan for the future and for retirement.


A sudden change in circumstances has led to many people facing financial difficulties for the first time, or for already fragile finances to suddenly worsen.

A recent report, by consumer group Which?, found one in three people are struggling to get by – 36% admit to finding things difficult, compared to 16% in 2006, while less than half of people (43%) say they are coping on their current income.

Without access to information on managing personal finances, there can be confusion over where to start when faced with managing a budget. For those on low incomes, who are often outside the mainstream banking system, options are limited, making them vulnerable to loan sharks and other unscrupulous lenders. The 'coping classes' are typically taking the brunt of this recession.

Green shoots for savers?

In early 2012 we are seeing householders in the UK starting to balance their finances, according to our MoneyMood survey

For those families who are struggling, our latest figures indicate the average shortfall nationwide is just under £100 per month (£96). We also looked at how much ‘stable’ households are able to save each month. On average those homes who have some money left over are putting away £93, only 3.4% of average household income


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