Helping people safeguard their homes through contents and life insurance is a vital part of our work. We’re acutely aware of the challenges people face in the housing market, and even more so with the current recession. With this in mind, we chose to raise awareness and engage employees and business partners on the housing agenda.

We’re well placed for this – as one of the largest intermediated mortgage distributors in the UK, Legal & General Network has a market share of 20%.

Our General Insurance business pays out valid claims when a customer's home is damaged. See how well we’ve done over the past five years


Housing has two main areas of interest for us – getting people onto the housing ladder and helping them protect their homes once they have them. We're aware that, for every customer we help onto and up the housing ladder, there are many who won't get the opportunity, and even those we have helped may face hard times.

It’s easy to forget that, for many people in the UK, finding somewhere safe, dry, warm and affordable to live is a real struggle. Over a million children live in overcrowded housing, and nearly 1.8m households are on local authority waiting lists.

Speaking in response to the announcement of the government’s new housing strategy, Campbell Rob, CEO of Shelter, said: “Whilst we welcome the government’s commitment to tackling our housing crisis, today’s announcement falls far short of the quarter of a million new homes we need each year just to meet demand.”

In early 2012 our Mortgage Moods survey revealed a new pressure point on homeowners.

“The announcement from Halifax this week that it intends to increase its SVR to 3.99%, and the economic pressures being felt across virtually all households in the UK, means that people are now starting to think very carefully about the best options for their mortgages.

“It seems many squeezed household budgets would be unable to withstand any potential ‘mortgage shock' that a sudden base rate hike or unplanned expenditure may bring," said Ben Thompson, Managing Director of Legal & General Mortgages Club.

Poor housing leads to poor health, poor education and job prospects. We believe that it should be a given in our civilised society that this basic need is met.


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