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In 2010 you said that good governance and housing were the big issues

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Good Corporate Governance


Sustainable Commercial Property


Creating a Savings Culture




Nations Health


Pensioner Poverty


None of the Above


In 2011, we asked your views on some specific issues relating to our campaigns.

Good Corporate Governance

Do pension trustees have a responsibility to invest your money ethically?
Yes 81.7% (98 votes)

No 10.8% (13 votes)

Maybe 7.5% (9 votes)

See the report on our Good Governance Campaign in 2011

Sustainable property

Would you pay more for an environmentally friendly property if it saved you money in the long term?
Yes 70.4% (57 votes)

No 7.4% (6 votes)

Maybe 22.2% (18 votes)

See the report on our Sustainable Property Campaign in 2011

Creating a savings culture

Should big banks be forced to lend money to individuals and small businesses?
Yes 41.9% (31 votes)

No 36.5% (27 votes)

Maybe 21.6% (16 votes)

Read about our economic value and non-banking finance work in 2011

Should saving for retirement be compulsory for everyone?
Yes 75.7% (28 votes)

No 13.5% (5 votes)

Maybe 10.8% (4 votes)

See our report on pensioner poverty and read about our campaign for Auto Enrollment

Pensioner poverty

Should long-term care be an individual's responsibility?
Yes 35.9% (23 votes)

No 40.6% (26 votes)

Maybe 23.4% (15 votes)

Will the Government be able to continue to fund the state pension as people live longer?
Yes 20% (6 votes)

No 70% (21 votes)

Maybe 10% (3 votes)

See the report on our Pensioner Poverty Campaign in 2011


Should lifestyle choices limit access to NHS treatment?
Yes 44% (40 votes)

No 38.5% (35 votes)

Maybe 17.6% (16 votes)

Do employers have an obligation to look after their employees’ mental and physical health?
Yes 86.8% (46 votes)

No 7.5% (4 votes)

Maybe 5.7% (3 votes)

See the report on our Health Matters Campaign in 2011


Should the Government help first-time buyers onto the property ladder?
Yes 47.4% (37 votes)

No 28.2% (22 votes)

Maybe 24.4% (19 votes)

Do insurers have an obligation to insure homes that are at risk of flooding?
Yes 44.7% (17 votes)

No 31.6% (12 votes)

Maybe 23.7% (9 votes)

See the report on our Housing Matters Campaign in 2011


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