Campaigning on every day matters.

How we work on the issues that matter to everyone

“Why is it that in the financial services sector no one talks about research and development and yet it’s fundamental to our long-term business? It’s not on anyone’s balance sheet or profit and loss account and yet our industry has long-term responsibilities to pay pensioners a retirement income for life, and look after their health and savings for the long term. It’s time to create campaigns that matter. The ones that you have a stake in as a business and that the outside world cares about”

Graham Precey, Head of CSR, Legal & General Group Plc


Our mission is to build Legal & General into a company, which, every single day, becomes even better at serving customers and rewarding shareholders.

A company that helps our customers make decisions that matter, and which define the future quality of their lives.

A company that has a strong social purpose and relevance to society and which provides leadership in acting ethically.

We call this Every Day Matters


Some of the key issues that we face as a society are reflected in the campaigns we have chosen to focus on.

These are:

  • the ageing population
  • changes to the ways in which customers make financial decisions
  • transfer of risk from the state to individuals
  • the growth of emerging markets
  • the alienation of the young from traditional financial services
  • The quality of life in retirement

These provide a safe way of understanding marketplaces and the emerging issues we need to understand make better decision in the future. Better decisions lead to improved services and products to current customers, as well as the creation of new markets.


In 2010 we first talked about our approach to decision making in our businesses. We’ve worked to enhance our approach in 2011.

Making better informed decisions

Making better informed decisions (flow chart)

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Our Campaigns are our call to action in areas that we need to better understand for the future. They are also driven by issues that matter to the outside world in the markets in which we trade. These campaigns are long-term social, economic or environmental challenges and opportunities that we have a stake in as a business.

They are not just our problem to solve but require a collaborative approach. Our campaign reports show how we have listened and made changes to our understanding and action on these issues within our own business.


We’ve developed five objectives defining our direction for the next three years. In the case of each of these objectives, the businesses will need help and support on the Responsible Business Agenda. This is how we are helping to improve their decision making processes.

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2012 – 2014 Strategic Objectives

How the responsible business agenda supports this

Brand and customer

Directly connecting with consumer issues and campaigns that matter in the markets in which we trade.

Organisational capability

Connecting employees to fringe markets through volunteering

UK Growth

Through our campaign partners de-risk Markets, to help decision makers in the business see markets differently.

Capital management

Reducing our Carbon Reduction Commitment Tax exposure in the UK by being environmentally efficient.


Increase overseas transparency, disclosure and interaction across the Group.

As part of our UK growth strategy and to support our six group-wide campaigns we commit to turn at least five innovative partnerships with Third Sector organisations into more socially inclusive products and / or adjustments to service Legal & General's customers by the end of 2013.


Are the campaigns we have highlighted the ones that are important to you? Let us know.

Graham Precey
Head of CSRLegal & General Group Plc


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